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Distinctive Design Products

Distinctive Design Products

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Travasi Oil Bottle
370 ml

89.00 AED
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Style No. 352036


With a name that means Decanting in Italian, the purpose of the Travasi collection is clear. Designed by Astrid Luglio, the pitchers and containers in this collection focus on the gesture of “travasare”-of decanting or pouring liquids from their original container into the serving objects placed on the table for use. Within the collection, each pouring form can be used to decant any liquid of one’s choice. They are free to be interpreted and exist as hybrid objects that retain their functionality and expand the possibilities of use, resulting in a family of products that sets the scene of the table with delicacy and a colorful touch of glee.

The Travasi shares a spherical shape, punctuated by an angled colored spout. Use it to store and serve oil or other liquids while dining to add a touch of color and interest to your tabletop.

About the Brand

As it has been for 100 years, Ichendorf’s goal is the pursuit of beauty with authentic shapes. The company’s history began in the early years of the twentieth century in a small town near Cologne where master-glaziers used a mix of substances, including silica, to give shape to objects to meet the refined taste of that period. As creators of precious ornaments, Ichendorf was a leader in its field until the 1950s when it changed objectives and began to focus on clean shapes and purity of materials. Old form and adornment were abolished and in 1990, Ichendorf reestablished itself in Milan, a creative center for artists and designers.

Today, the strength of the Ichendorf brand is linked to the longevity of its collections, some of which have been on the market for over 50 years. Every single object is a new story, a new adventure through which designers and artists come in contact with the very heart of the material to reach its unlimited possibilities. Every creation combines different components into a single, poetic shape, depicting a continuous search for details while always respecting history and expertise. The result is a synergy between modern style and traditional material, an ongoing and meticulous collaborative work that guarantees the longevity of Ichendorf objects through time.

This constant interaction between tradition and interaction is always aimed in the pursuit of beauty in its purest forms, giving life to all Ichendorf objects. In the new collections we find objects that take their places in modern homes sharing delicacy, elegance, and brilliance, all lasting tributes to great design.

Product Details

Designed by Astrid Luglio.

Product type: Oil Bottle
Collection: Travasi
 Handmade and flame-worked glass.
Color: Clear / Amber (Click here to see the Ichendorf Bottle in other designs)
Dimensions: (Ø 9 x H 12) cm
Capacity: 370 ml
Weight: 88 g
Product care: Dishwasher safe at low temperature, recommended at 40°C.

Packaging: Packaged in a cardboard box imprinted with the Ichendorf design and logo in black and silver ink.
Packaging dimensions:
(L 10 x W 10 x H 15) cm

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