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Distinctive Design Products

Distinctive Design Products

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Style No. SE-TO-BL


Consisting of two Cardprotectors in a leather pouch with a press stud closure, the Twinwallet carries up to 16 cards. The billfold offers space for extra cards, banknotes, business cards, receipts, and coins and still remains more compact than a traditional wallet. The patented mechanism allows you to slide out your cards with one simple motion, providing simple, fast access to your cards. The strong case protects from bending, breaking, and unwanted wireless communication. It fits well in a small ladies handbag or in a trouser pocket.

The Original wallet collection from Secrid fits every style. Featuring smooth leather with a natural glossy finish that has made it a long-lasting favorite, it’s a perfect accompaniment whether you’re wearing a suit or worn-out jeans.

About the Brand

Clever wallets made and designed in Holland. Each wallet includes an aluminum card holder case which protects against unauthorized scanning and physical strain. With a click, all cards slide out gradually allowing easy access to the right card.

Product Details

Made in Holland.

Product type: Wallet for men and women
Product features:
* Can hold 8 embossed cards or 12 flat cards with space for 4 extra cards inside the leather slots; can also hold banknotes, business cards, and receipts.
* RFID and NFC safe, 100% privacy protection.
* Patented sliding system

Materials: Secrid leather is made from European cowhides with a full-grain and aniline dyed basis and can be worked for a diversity of unique looks and feels. The Cardprotector is made of anodized aluminum, plastic, and stainless steel.
Color: Black (Click here to see the Twinwallet in other colors)
Thickness: 25 mm, very slim, making it easy to be placed in the front or back pocket.
Weight: 130 g
Product care: It is recommended that this wallet not be cleaned. The leather used to create the Original wallet is crafted from a water-absorbing leather. Any water or moisture use in the cleaning process would be absorbed by the wallet and may change its color further. Instead, if your wallet gets wet, simply use a soft cloth to carefully pat it dry.

Packaging: Packaged in a black flip-top paperboard box printed with the Secrid logo across the top and the wallet’s unique serial number along the box side which can be used to register the product. Contains the wallet and a registration pamphlet with wallet information and specifications.

Additional information: 
* Please note that some images or videos depict how the wallet functions and do not represent the correct style or color of the product listed for purchase.
* Registering your Secrid product provides you with an additional one-year warranty to be added to the standard 2-year warranty provided for all Secrid wallets.

To register your Secrid wallet, simply input the serial number at:

The serial number for each product can be found on the side of the Secrid box that the product was packaged in, or along the inside top of the Cardprotector. Upon registering your Secrid product, you will receive a Certificate of Authenticity and a unique code to be used for any warranty claims.

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