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Board games make for fascinating hobbies, create famous family traditions and harbor nostalgia. Since ancient times, games have allowed us to escape, unleash our competitive spirits, and indulge in the limitless curiosities of strategy, intuition, and chance. Read More

Buy Board Games Online for Endless Hours of Entertainment & Wonder

Here at Cities, we are thrilled to offer a broad range of exquisitely made sets to share with you. Our board games are available to purchase in our Dubai and Abu Dhabi stores as well as online too!

Our selection will most certainly aid and compliment all your gaming pursuits, further igniting your passion and drive to hone your skills.

Why Choose Cities for Your Classic Board Games?

Cities is different because we supply only the finest quality brands that excel in craftsmanship and design. Essentially, we are premium distributors of all kinds of home and leisure splendors that aim to dazzle and delight.

When you shop board games online with us, you’ll not only be impressed by our prompt delivery service, but also by the products’ exceptionally high standards. Since our establishment in 2006, we’ve been dedicated to sourcing sensationally, original goods to add bursts of joy and magnificence to your home. We also look for novelty items that serve as entertainment as well as aesthetic purpose.

We believe that the home and all its activities ought to be celebrated with vivacity and excitement.

Even the most ardent board game fans will admire the intricacies of our spell-binding sets. People love to master the classics such as backgammon and chess, given that they can have you on the edge of your seat with anticipation. Our enchanting offerings will bring all kinds of unexpected thrills to life to help motivate you to victory.

Moreover, the brands we stock are the real kings and queens of the market. They make boards and pieces that are made to last. They will be a treasured and cherished feature of your pastime endeavors and will look magnificent wherever they are placed. A real spectacle to be enjoyed time and again at any age. No more boxes full of cheap pieces and torn boards left unloved to gather dust in a dark cupboard! Instead, treat yourself to a real box of opulent pieces, brightly colored designs and lavish finishes. A board game set that will entertain and enthrall you so that you can get lost in the magical and mysterious secrets of its play.

Purchase Your Board Games with Superb Customer Service & Seamless Deliveries at Cities

You can order our board games in Dubai online with a same day delivery, but also, anywhere in the UAE and the GCC. See our Shipping page for pricing and other such details.

If you have any questions for us regarding our board games available online, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Our call center is open Sunday-Thursday 9 AM-6 PM so you can call during those hours to talk to one of our friendly team members. Alternatively, you can text us on WhatsApp, send an email or leave a message on our contact page. Feel free to follow us on social media to stay connected with us and subscribe to our newsletter for all our latest news/information. Read Less

Chess Espresso Cup <br> Set of 4 <br> 100 ml
Quick View

Chess Espresso Cup
Set of 4
100 ml

380.00 AED
Backgammon <br> Pin Up Girls <br> (47 x 24.5) cm
Quick View

Pin Up Girls
(47 x 24.5) cm

499.00 AED
Backgammon <br> Cinnabar Red <br> (47 x 29) cm
Quick View

Cinnabar Red
(47 x 29) cm

950.00 AED
Backgammon <br> Turquoise Cork <br> (47 x 29) cm
Quick View
New Arrival

Turquoise Cork
(47 x 29) cm

1,250.00 AED
Backgammon <br> Olive Burl <br> (38 x 23) cm
Quick View

Olive Burl
(38 x 23) cm

1,100.00 AED
Backgammon <br> Knitted Leather In Brown <br> (47 x 29) cm
Quick View

Knitted Leather In Brown
(47 x 29) cm

2,600.00 AED