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Distinctive Design Products

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Qlocktwo Online Store

At Cities Store, we are dedicated to bringing our customers innovative and unique items and designs from all over the world. Our Qlocktwo collection perfectly fits this description. With a range of watches and wall clocks online in UAE that fit it into a modern and original concept, these clocks are certainly unique. Read More

Browse Our Qlocktwo Online Store

Take a look at our range to find your favorite, whether it be for yourself or as a gift, and modernize how you read the time.

Our Qlocktwo Range

Our Qlocktwo products in Dubai includes a range of unisex watches with different colored straps so that you can match your watch to your personal style. Showing time in an untraditional way, with a simple touch, the time will be displayed to you on your watch face. Available in English and Arabic, our Qlocktwo Dubai range has something for everyone.

Our collection also includes larger clocks that will fit right into any home, adding a touch of modernism and uniqueness to any space. The clean design means that it will seamlessly fit into any home with any aesthetic. Looking for a pop of color? We know that not everyone wants a neutral look to their homes, so we also offer clocks with bright color designs. Our Qlocktwo products make an excellent addition to any home and will make a special, distinctive gift that anyone will be sure to love. Everyone needs a way to tell the time, after all, whether that be inside the house or on the go, so why not make it modern and innovative?

The Cities Store Difference

When you buy Qlocktwo products online with us, you will receive a higher level of service. Our customer service goes above and beyond, and we are always committed to bringing our customers the most interesting and unique home décor pieces. Qlocktwo’s products sit right at home at Cities Store by aligning with one of our core values: breaking out of the traditional mold.

Sourcing and providing products from all over the world in one convenient place is of utmost importance to us. Bringing Qlocktwo products online to the UAE means we get to share interesting and efficient products with our customers.

With Cities Store, you can travel the world and discover unusual, global items from the comfort of your own home. We want to offer our customers something different, with home décor, art, design, and personal accessories that allow them to express themselves and show their elevated sense of style.

Buy Qlocktwo Online in Dubai

Change the way you tell time with our range of innovative Qlocktwo products. Whether you are in the house or on the go, add a modern touch to any room or outfit that fits in with your current style. Our range of Qlocktwo items online has something for everyone, with colored straps and covers to suit anyone’s tastes.

To get started on finding your next unique addition to your collection, simply start browsing. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we will endeavor to answer any queries you may have. Read Less

Qlocktwo W39 Arabic <br> Brushed Stainless Steel
Quick View

Qlocktwo W39 Arabic
Brushed Stainless Steel

5,100.00 AED
1 item remaining in stock
Qlocktwo W35 Arabic <br> Gold Stainless Steel Strap
Quick View

Qlocktwo W35 Arabic
Gold Stainless Steel Strap

5,700.00 AED
1 item remaining in stock