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Fragrance Diffusers

The way your home or office looks is not the only way you can make a great impression – with the right fragrance diffuser you can make it smell as good as it looks. Read More

Quality Aroma Fragrance Diffuser – Make an Impact with Cities Store

This is something that Cities Store can help with. Alongside other designer items that we have scoured the globe for, from office and home décor through to fashion accessories and gifts. We have curated a unique collection of expressive and distinctive pieces to suit a modern, luxury lifestyle – a combination of renowned and up-and-coming designers alongside our unparalleled shopping experience – to make our stores a resource for you to express your individuality.

As part of our intriguing collection, we offer a range of aroma fragrance diffusers suitable for any home, office, or public building.

Culti – The Original Fragrance Diffuser

Culti was the first company to introduce the modern fragrance diffuser back in 1990 – using perfume diffusion via rattan sticks soaked in fragrance. As an icon in the perfume diffuserand home fragrance industry, Culti Milano offers a multisensory experience through fine fragrances and specializes in creating beautiful looking (and smelling) aroma diffusers made from both natural and synthetic ingredients.

In the range of Culti available at Cities Store, you can find both the Stile and the Colors range – each with different combinations of design and functionality.

The Culti Stile is a home aroma diffuser that offers sophisticated and elegant style, evoking purity in the combination of a clear glass bottle with ivory-colored labels and caps and completed with natural maple wood rattan reeds. The Culti Stile is available in a range of different, evocative scents, including:

  • Gratia
  • Aramara
  • Thé
  • Acqua
  • Mountain
  • Fuoco

To name but a few.

Culti offer the original innovation behind the fragrance diffuser online, but they also create unique and fascinating room sprays, sachets, candles and perfumes for all occasions and situations.

Why Buy a Diffuser?

An aroma diffuser is not the only way we can make a room smell nice these days, so why should you choose to buy a diffuser rather than a scented candle or another option? There are plenty of reasons why diffusers are so popular and why they might be the best choice for you, and here are some of them:

  • Diffusers are much safer as they don’t involve an open flame, which means you don’t have to remember to blow them out at the end of the day or when you’re leaving the house, and you don’t have to worry in case you have pets and small children that might get to them.
  • A diffuser offers a softer, more subtle scent as opposed to a scented candle, which can be preferable in some situations.
  • Scented candles provide a scent for as long as you burn them, which can be great in some situations. But if you want a long-lasting scent distributed throughout the day which lasts for weeks or even months, a diffuser is the right way to go.
  • Diffusers are very affordable and last a long time, especially if you opt for refills when you run out of liquid instead of buying a new diffuser altogether.
  • Diffusers pose no risk of disease or illness and won’t have you inhaling any dangerous chemicals and toxins, unlike some air fresheners and certain low-quality scented candle brands.

An aroma diffuser might be the better option for you, but if you think you’d prefer the temporary scent of a candle along with the romantic and atmospheric glow they provide, then we also have plenty of scented candles available in the Cities online shop.

Shop Your Aroma Fragrance Diffuser Today & Invest in Your Uniqueness

We understand that making an investment in something as important as your home or office is something that needs careful consideration, and that is why we guarantee that every item we sell has been carefully selected not only for unique style, modern design, and intrigue, but also because it meets our exacting standards of craftsmanship. We are not about the mass-produced ‘trendy’ items – here, we have a curated collection of designer products gathered from across the globe and ready to help you express your individuality.

Whether you choose to visit one of our eclectic physical stores, or if you prefer to shop online in UAE, you can take advantage of the wonderful shopping experience that you can find when you choose Cities Store. Our simple online shop offers home delivery of our products to customers both in the UAE and the GCC – in a streamlined online environment where you can get your order the same day (for customers in Dubai). Shipping to UAE takes 2-4 days, and for GCC customers deliveries should arrive within 4-6 days. We can ship internationally but remember that there may be customs charges added to the cost.

Find your perfect aroma fragrance diffuser at Cities Store and let us help you add that ideal finishing touch. Read Less

Ruby Red Diffuser <br> Aramara <br> 500 ml
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Ruby Red Diffuser
500 ml

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Décor Classic Diffuser <br> Mountain <br> 500 ml
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Décor Classic Diffuser
500 ml

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Décor Classic Diffuser <br> Quercea <br> 1000 ml
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Décor Classic Diffuser
1000 ml

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Décor Classic Diffuser <br> Supreme Amber <br> 1000 ml
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Décor Classic Diffuser
Supreme Amber
1000 ml

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Décor Classic Diffuser <br> Delicia <br> 500 ml Save 30%
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Décor Classic Diffuser
500 ml

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Décor Classic Diffuser <br> Nova <br> 2700 ml Save 30%
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Décor Classic Diffuser
2700 ml

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