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Distinctive Design Products

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Mario Luca Guisti Acrylic Product Care


* Food tested and approved by TÜV, SGS, Intertek

* Absolutely tasteless and odorless

* BPA free

* Breakable

* Temperature resistant from -10°C to 50°C

* Freezable

Product care:

* Hand wash recommended to extend product life

* Not dryer safe

* Not microwave safe

* Alcohol resistant, < 2 hours

* Not for use with aniseed drinks

* Not for use with strong alcohol, such as whisky

* Only use detergent with pH-value 3 < pH < 7, do not clean with strong alkaline detergents

* Do not use benzene, alcohol, ester, or organic solvents to clean these products

* Do not use abrasive materials to clean these products

Misuse of products may cause discoloration or cloudiness. To avoid discoloration and cloudiness, do not use products in any of the following ways:

* Do not keep the glasses at high temperatures and high humidity for a prolonged period of time
* Do not use incorrect detergent amounts when cleaning these products
* Do not use detergents containing aluminum or metal protection to clean these products
* Do not leave glasses to sit over night after using them for dairy products, coffee, cocoa, tea, and other beverages. Leaving glasses dirty may leave a residue on the glass. Wash glasses in hot soapy water shortly after use, hand wash, or use our cleaning product, Renovate Powder, regularly.
* Do not use glasses for anise-based drinks (such as Pernod, Ricard, Raki or Ouzo).
* Do not use glasses for beverages with a high ester content. Esters are a natural product often found in e.g. herbal teas.