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Distinctive Design Products

Distinctive Design Products

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Décor Diffuser
Automobili Lamborghini
Limited Edition
1000 ml

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Style No. CU-RD-LE-1000


The Culti Décor collection adds a touch of character to any room with its bold, distinct features. Featuring a delectable scent selection presented in sculpted square bottles of thick glass, these statement-making diffusers accentuate any interior style.

Created in collaboration between Culti Milano and Automobili Lamborghini, this captivating collection shares the excellence of these two Italian brands. Automobili Lamborghini is the first of the fresh and energetic fragrances that will be developed for this olfactory branding project developed by Culti Milano for the sports car brand.

The special limited-edition Automobili Lamborghini Décor diffuser is enriched by artwork designed by Italian illustrator Francesco Poroli, who has used his unmistakable style to interpret the collaboration between these two Italian brands.

The artwork tells a story of elegance and modernity; sharing bold hues which reference the daring color combinations that characterize the bodywork of Lamborghini vehicles, Poroli’s theme is conveyed in a series of sharp, snappy lines inspired by the design of super sports cars, radiating from a flower-wheel symbol of the fragrance at the center, thus depicting the two logos of the brands involved in this collaboration.

Automobili Lamborghini: Imagine the elegance and power of a flaming Lamborghini converted into perfume. The energy of grapefruit and bitter orange, the power of bergamot and vetiver, and the depth of sandalwood and cedarwood. All combined to share the feeling of adrenaline of a high-speed race, captured in scent.

Olfactory Notes: Grapefruit, Bitter Orange, Bergamot, Vetiver, Cedar Wood, Sandal Wood

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Culti Refill in 1000 ml size.

About the Brand

Started in 1990 by Alessandro Agrati, Culti was the first company to develop perfume diffusion using rattan sticks soaked in fragrance. Today, Culti Milano has become an icon in the home fragrance industry and offers a multisensory experience through fine fragrances made of natural and synthetic ingredients. Specializing in scented diffusers, room sprays, sachets, candles, and perfumes, Culti products offer the ultimate combination of design and functionality; introducing an exceptional and elegant style to personalize and embellish homes and work environments with sophisticated, modern, and innovative scents.

Product Details

Made in Italy.

Product type:
Scented diffuser
: Automobili Lamborghini (Click here to view Décor Classic Diffuser in other scents and sizes)
Season: Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter
Dimensions: 1000 ml, Height of bottle: 17.5 cm
Materials: Clear Glass, Technical Sticks

Average lifespan of diffuser
250 ml: 3 months
500 ml: 4 months
1000 ml: 6 months
2700 ml: 9 months
Average area the diffuser covers
250 ml: 10 sqm
500 ml: 20 sqm
1000 ml: 30 sqm
2700 ml: 40 sqm

 * The lifespan is based on a weekly turnover of the reed.

To reach high intensity, the sticks should be reversed daily.
To reach average intensity, the sticks should be reversed every 3 days.
To reach low intensity, the sticks should be reversed once a week.

It is recommended to change the sticks with each refill.

* Place home diffusers only on flat surfaces far from fire.
* Turn the reeds far from delicate surfaces (furniture, fine flooring), but over a sink.
* Keep out of reach of children.

Additional Information: In accordance with Cities’ Shipping & Return Policy, this item is not eligible for return or exchange.


Packaging: Culti diffuser with 7 technical sticks, packaged in a paperboard box imprinted with the Culti logo.
Packaging dimensions: (L 11.5 x W 11.5 x H 25.5) cm

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