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Distinctive Design Products

Distinctive Design Products

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Fusion 12 Fingerprint
Watch Winder
12 Watches

21,500.00 AED
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Style No. PDGE12MAFN


Billstone PD Fusion is a luxurious watch winder series made of the finest material, and crafted with high level of detail. If you are a detail-oriented person, you can see for yourself the perfect workmanship on our product’s wood finish and interior lining. Each individual watch winder’s rotation direction and RPH (Rotations Per Hour) can be customized according to your watch’s need. Or if you do not wish to set up each winder one-by-one, you can easily set the watch winder to Auto Mode that is configured to wind most automatic watch models. The watch winder setting is set-up using a remote control. If quality is a number one priority for you, the Gentleman Watch Winder is the right product for you.

Spring-loaded watch holders adapt to any watch sizes from ladies’ watch to men’s watch. The watch holders are lined with high quality soft material that is friendly to leather, silicon, rubber straps, steel, gold, ceramic bands.

Comes with LED lights that automatically turn on when the watch winder window is open. LED light can be switched on even when the window is closed by pressing a button. The Gentleman watch winders are fitted with a fingerprint lock to protect your watch.

About the Brand

Billstone was born from a simple idea: to create the most trusted Home For Your Valuables. Founded in 1977, Billstone has thrived to design, develop, and craft the most secure and exquisite safes in the world.

Since then, Billstone transitioned as the leading architect of luxury safes, watch winders, and jewelry accessories. Blending security, savoir-faire, and a splash of creativity, Billstone has perfected the art of creating timeless designs. Their focus is to reimagine your living environment and foster symbiotic relationships between your home, your personality, and your valuable collection.

From refined watch winders to secret storage spaces, and from fireproof safes to subtle jewelry boxes, Billstone takes pride in providing a new sense of well-being in your intimate personal space and daily life. Over the past four decades, they have perfected the art of design, developing leading products for your most cherished items. Billstone takes pride in juxtaposing safety with design in effortless ways with a unique combination of skills that is a testament to their long-lasting relationship with luxury collectors around the world.

Product Details

Made in Indonesia.

Product type: Watch winder (can hold 12 watches)
*Exterior Finish: Macassar Wood with high gloss polished lacquer
*Interior Finish: Premium black velvet
Capacity: 12 watches
Motors: 12 (dedicated)
LED Lights: Yes
Rotation Mode: Fully customizable, Remote control
Accessories: Fingerprint lock, power adaptor
Power: 120V-240V DC Adaptor and Using batteries Lithium 3 V CR2030
Dimensions: (D 22 x W 37 x H 53) cm
Weight: 17 kg
Product care:

* Handle with care to avoid risk of damage or scratching the products.
* Do not rotate manually. Only use the adaptor that comes with the watch winder. Failure to do so will damage the watch winder and void your warranty.
* Keep watch winder away from direct sunlight, wet area, and extreme temperatures.
* Clean using a microfiber cloth.

Packaging: Housed in a cardboard box lined with protective inserts, packaged in a thick paperboard box and placed in a special fabric liner.

Shipping & Returns

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