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Borgia Lucrezia Candle
Galbanum, Iris, Vetiver
Limited Edition
(H 35) cm

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Baobab Collection candles are created using high quality raw materials sourced in Europe. The glass is crafted in Poland, the mineral wax comes from Germany, and the scents are created and perfected in Grasse. Each Baobab Collection candle is hand-poured in multiple pouring phases into glass containers that have been hand-blown by master craftsmen, making each candle completely unique.

Inspired by the history of the Italian Renaissance, the Borgia limited-edition collection pays tribute to this era by channeling the well-known family of tastemakers and patrons: the Borgia family. The collection shares three bewitching fragrances based on three characters from that era whose erudition and vision is inseparable from Italy’s history of passion and intrigue. The Borgia collection containers highlight a decorative technique applied to glass which was invented in Murano in the 16th century, each engraved with diagonals and flowers.

Named for Lucrezia Borgia who is remembered for her erudition and incredible beauty, as the daughter of patriarch Rodrigo, and sister of Cesar, Lucrezia was a great protector of the arts and letters.

Galbanum, Iris, Vetiver: The candle with its delicate, floral scent in a blend of galbanum, iris and vetiver is in perfect symbiosis with the character it embodies.

About the Brand

Working with the tagline, “Where luxury home fragrance meets creative design,” Baobab Collection first saw the light of day in 2002, in the enchanting landscape of Tanzania, a country rich in intense colors and bewitching perfumes. The collections are inspired by faraway places and wild nature, but it is in Belgium that the new creations are dreamed up. The Baobab Collection finds unlimited inspirations through the wonders of the world. Each candle tells a new story: the name, the perfume, and the materials chosen are closely linked. The Belgian brand is committed to certain values including high-quality craftsmanship and respect for the environment. Like the Baobab Collection tree in the African savannah which inspired its name, each candle from Baobab Collection makes an impression and stands out from the ordinary. Baobab Collection’s candles are known for their size and original designs. They are extraordinary objects providing an olfactory and aesthetic experience, crafted using materials that are carefully selected and sourced across Europe and created by the best European artisans.

Product Details

Made in Belgium.

Product type: Scented candle with 7 wicks
Materials: Made from 90% pure paraffin wax, hand-blown glass, and wicks of Egyptian cotton.
Fragrance: Galbanum, Iris, and Vetiver
Color: Made of golden yellow hand-blown glass engraved by craftsmen with a lattice pattern and graphic flowers.
Height: 35 cm
 10 kg
6500 g
Burn time:
 Approximately 800 hours
Product care:

* Burn within sight.
* Keep away from things that catch fire.
* Keep away from children and pets.
* When burning more than one candle at the same time, always ensure that at least 20 cm space is left between burning candles.
* Do not let candle burn for longer than one hour once the entire surface of the candle is liquid.
* Do not let the candle burn to the end.
* Do not leave a burning candle unattended or close to easily flammable objects.
* Do not place candles near a source of heat. Put candles on a heat resistant surface.
* To reduce sooting, trim the wick 0.6 cm each time the candle is to be relit.
* Avoid using in drafty areas. Keep the wax pool free of wick trimmings, matches and debris at all times.

Additional Information: 
* Please note that some images used to depict this item in use do not represent the correct size of the product listed here for purchase.
* In accordance with Cities’ Shipping & Return Policy, this item is not eligible for return or exchange.

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