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Distinctive Design Products

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Swears Face Mask & Safe Finger
Set of 2

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Style No. ES-2


Bundle Set includes:

The Swears Face Mask, and Safe Finger Keychain & Hook Bronze


The Swears Face Mask:
Art created by Cathrin Gressieker, Germany.

Responding to current needs, Epicloth has put their efforts together to bring color and fun to this necessary, but rather unattractive accessory. The Epicloth face mask is the result of careful work to improve the visual appeal of the classic face mask, and now the bold graphic prints that Epicloth is known for adorn these double-layered organic cotton masks, sharing designs from different artists around the world.

Inspired by an earlier artwork that was originally part of the Epicloth collection and designed by the Lithuanian artist Vasare Nar, The Sunny Side is a lighthearted depiction of the egg: a simple, everyday food, but also a single cell structure. Portrayed in this design, the pattern of slightly interlocking egg whites creates an image reminiscent of a cell arrangement.


Safe Finger Keychain & Hook:
A portable, easy-to-carry, stick-type product that can be used to push buttons on elevators, select options on card machines or ATMs, or even pull open doors,  the Safe Finger was created for use to keep your hands protected and avoid touching common areas that may be unclean or possibly infected.

The Safe Finger is specially crafted in metals that are known natural antimicrobial materials, such as phosphor bronze and brass. Antimicrobial materials have an inherent ability to kill a wide range of harmful microbes, thus reducing the transmission of disease-causing organisms.

The design of the Safe Finger ensures that it can be hung on your belongings for easy access and use.

About the Brand


Spextrum delivers authentic designs aimed to inspire people by finding the essence of the story and creating a reasonable product rather than simply pursuing an outward appearance. Their designs are meant to give resonance and richness to people’s minds. Each of their creations offers a light-hearted style, crafted to provide interest, fun, and a sense of relaxation.


Epicloth Founded by friends Konstantinos Sotiropoulos and Constantinos Berios, Epicloth is a modern and innovative brand which makes beautiful pieces of cloth, handcrafted traditionally in northern Greece from the finest natural silk, and decorated with the most extraordinary artwork from artists across the world. Combining high-end fashion with fine art, Epicloth’s products are wearable art. With the motto “Wear a statement” Epicloth hopes to push fashion to a higher level of artistry while make the fine arts industry more accessible to everyone. Marketed as versatile accessories, Epicloth shares 12 specially selected designs, each available in 3 sizes: the ribbon, the square, and the scarf.

Product Details

The Swears Face Mask
Handmade in Greece.

Product type: Unisex face masks
Materials: 100% organic, double-layer cotton fabric with an elastic loop for better fit
Dimensions: (L 25 x W 15) cm
Product care: The face masks can be washed in 60 degrees or steam ironed. 
Other features:
* Epicloth face masks are washable and reusable.
* Not a medical mask.

Packaging: Face masks are sealed in plastic, packaged in a canvas cloth bag with drawstring closure, imprinted with the Epicloth logo in black ink. 

Additional Information: In accordance with UAE regulations regarding the sales of face masks, this product is sold in sealed packaging. Sales of this item are final and it is not eligible for return or exchange.

Safe Finger Keychain & Hook
Made in Korea.

Product type: Keychain and Hook
Materials: Made of brass, and nickel for the key ring
Dimensions: (5 x 8 x 0.4) cm
Weight: 36 g

* Made from bronze and brass, naturally antimicrobial materials
* Easy-to-pull design that helps to pull various handles.
* Easy-to-press design that helps to press various buttons. It is useful for pressing electronic or mechanical elevator buttons.

Product care: Wash occasionally with soap and water.
Packaging: Cardboard box imprinted with logo and product image in black ink.

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