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VEEL Leather Seating Ball
(Ø 60-65) cm

1,299.00 AED

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Style No. SBV-003.65EL


VLUV is based on minimalist, Scandinavian design and offers meaningful German design-patented details. The VLUV Veel, a sophisticated version of VLUV concept, makes a clear design statement in a home or office space while offering ergonomically correct seating and back training. It is based on the simplest of geometric shapes and is a stylish, alternative way of ergonomic sitting. Each VLUV is light as air and comfortable like a cushioned chair. It can be used to actively sit upon, or to roll around or work out.

The robust and stable inner ball is made of phthalate-free, burst-proof PVC that supports healthy back posture and actively promotes the muscles, joints, and spine for a healthy body balance. The VLUV design incorporates an integrated bottom ring so the ball will not roll away, and a handle so it can be easily moved. With an attached zipper, the cover can be easily removed and washed.

About the Brand

Offering the essential shape of sitting, the VLUV Brand was started by Kristof Hock, inventor, owner and founder of Hock Design. As an owner-managed brand-name company, Hock Design focuses on the importance of aesthetics, quality, and innovation. With an aim of finding the most sustainable and detailed solutions in all areas, Hock Design works to ensure that their products are manufactured according to quality, environmental, and social standards.

VLUV was created to encourage healthy, active sitting and to offer a better alternative to the PVC gymnastic balls in many offices of the past.  With VLUV, a rubber ball becomes comfortable seating furniture and a minimal design object.

Product Details

Designed by Kristof Hock.
All VLUV products have been certified as Ergonomic Products by the German institute IGR e.V.

Product type: Seating Ball
 Made from innovative leather imitate polyester fabric with double-felled seams, and the inner ball is made of phthalates-free anti-burst PVC.
Color: Elephant (Click here to see the VLUV Seating Ball in other colors, sizes, and styles)
Dimensions: (Ø 60- 65) cm, suitable for people 155 - 180 cm tall. Recommended for standard tables with a height of 74 cm.
Weight: 2.3 kg
Maximum load capacity: Made to accommodate up to a maximum bodyweight of 120 kg.

Other features:
* Comfortable and ergonomic.
* Robust and safe construction with an integrated bottom ring so it does not roll away.
* Smart handle for easy transport from here to there.
* Zipper closure of YKK, strong and neatly concealed.
* Removable and washable cover.
Can be used as part of a fitness routine.

Product care:
* Remove the inner ball and handwash the VLUV fabric ball cover at 30°C using mild soapy water and then hang to dry.
* Keep the VLUV away from direct sunlight.
* Avoid sharp-edged surfaces such as slate, unpolished natural stone or untreated floorboards.
* Do not use harsh cleaners.
* Suitable for indoor use. Not to be used outdoors.

Flat packaging includes: ball cover, PVC ball, 2 valve plugs, 2 pump adaptors, 1 plug lifter, instruction manual and re-usable zippered cotton bag.

Additional Information: 
* In accordance with Cities’ Shipping & Return Policy, this item is not eligible for return or exchange.
Please note that some images used to depict this item in use do not represent the correct color/style of the product listed here for purchase.

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